Haus Merkel German Shepherds

Germany’s Finest in America

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Confirmation of Sale



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Dear Buyer,


This will confirm our phone conversations and emails.  I have agreed to sell to you my German Shepherd Dog:


Name of German Shepherd Dog (“GSD”): vom Haus Merkel

Date of Birth: 

Price:  $


The health and temperament of “GSD” is excellent to the best of our knowledge and belief at the time of sale.  All vaccinations are current.  We administer Ivomec (Heartguard) for heart worm prevention and Frontline for Flea and Tick prevention at the first of each month.


All sales are final and down payments/deposits and/or other payments are non-refundable.  The entire agreement between the parties is contained herein.   Haus Merkel will not be responsible for any expenses or actions incurred by the dog or the buyer after the GSD is in their possession.  In the event of a dispute, Texas will have jurisdiction over the matter in Collin County under the laws of the State of Texas.


I have read the above conditions of sale.  I understand and I agree to all conditions of sale as indicated by my signature below or by making the agreed upon payment(s).




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Seller :  Dyan Merkel